Sound Of My Strange

by Serpyllum

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released October 31, 2013





Chesapeake, VA based singer-songwriter currently self-medicating with weird art.

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Track Name: Stepping Out Of Earth
Lying here hypnosis kicks in, get the memories
There's a thin man standing near and he looks into both of me
With his eyes within his eyes: circles that will paralyze
Now im lying here I want to know
Are you my friend?

Are you a friend of mine or are you a foe?
(Are you a friend, are you a friend, are a friend or foe?)
Are you a friend of mine from inside a UFO?
(Are you a friend, are you a friend, are a friend or foe?)

Waking up with little marks that tell me youve been by
Thank you for these little gifts that calm my waking mind
Now I let you into my dreamspace so I'll learn
Now I want to meet you face to face
When will you come?

Where in the stars do you hail from?
Is human life a conundrum?
What other lives have met you?
Will you connect if I do?
Track Name: Terrible Divine
Occupying these dense lands,
I scream over my bloody hands,
What have I done?

Is the violence never stilling?
How long must we keep on killing
Ones come to learn?

Will I come to terms if I find,
Terrible things in the Divine?
What will I find?
Track Name: Love Is Never Wrong
A holy book I read seemed to say it's wrong to love you,
As if love was too good for you, as if it was above you,
But when I read that book I did,
I found it's misinterpreted,
I found it told me love is never wrong, is never wrong, is never wrong.

*Old ways are gone,
They've come undone,
Let us try again.
All this pain must,
Serve a purpose,
Let us try again.

Some thing love is only for the ones who are deserving,
But I disagree and find that notion unnerving,
Love is meant to fill the need of undeserving ones who bleed,
Give it all to them, it's never wrong, it's venber wrong, it's never wrong.


A blessed revelation for the ones who will awaken,
Love is sometihng that is given but cannot be taken,
So when you give away that gift,
Creating a dimension shift,
You will see that love is never wrong, is never wrong, is never wrong.

Track Name: Unfound
Family will you love me when my silver turns?
Will you think me tarnished when I never learn?
Will you say I'm hopeless when I'm out of bounds?
Hide the worry in my eyes,
But no one seems to look there so it goes unfound.

What they said to Jason, I know they'll say to me,
I can only do this following his lead (thank you),
What will say my father? I'm living in his home,
But my sleep is broken, and I can't work alone,
So it goes unfound.

*The incense-written scripture says to flee the land,
The God-head says to let go, and lo, behold, I am.

When before it happened, they did not know I,
Had the same proclivity, so they did not hide,
The feelings that they had inside, but hid from their face,
This killed all my confidence, insides went to waste,
So I stayed unfound.

From some of my companions I don't have to hide,
Cause colors of the rainbow are always side by side,
The sun will always win out and spread the rainbow's shine,
I will life my hands up and proclaim that rainbow mine.

Track Name: Something Mighty Strange
Before you call me crazy and before you start to worry,
Before you try to save me and before the lines are blurry,
Before you condemn it,
Let me push it to the limit,
And I think that you will change into something mighty strange.

Before you spoke your mind and before you were assured,
Beffore you broke the line and before you left the herd,
Before you conceive it
Let me see if you believe it,
And I think that all these pangs are from something mighty strange.

Before you overule it and before you get dismayed
Before you say no to it and before you get away
Before you conspire,
Let me play on your desire,
And I think that in my brain there is something mighty strange.
Track Name: Figuring
Facing a cruel world ripe with inequality galore,
People are telling me it's the poor people's fault for being so poor,
Some of them put themselves there, and it's not a fact I ignore,
But really, does anybody have compassion anymore?

Heard it time and again that it's good to live with charity,
Then how come feeding the homeless has become a long-lost rarity?
Looking at the world with my heart chakra to find charity,
Stunned to find that our minds miss all disparity.

Living on a meal plan that's turning us to gluttons,
I'm tired of being too fat to fasten up the buttons,
Artificial mower but I'm refusing to get the cutting,
But I'd rather get cut down than cut myself short for nothing.

I believe there's a million races and none of them go without a home,
Even the mean ones and the hard ones still look out for their own,
Stamp this out permanently, I'm not throwing out a bone,
Corruption is a mirror, reflecting us like chrome.

Everything is spirit, beginning with a thought,
We keep on throwing money but the devil isn't bought,
You've got to break the trap if you've already been caught,
Before you go run around preaching that "you ought".

Keep hearing about opportunities, magical free passes,
But who's giving them out and supporting the masses?
Nobody, specifically, invisible clashes,
Ultra undefined: whose responsibility the trash is.

Now we got a caste system based on the belief,
That all the other people are peons, undeserving, but myself is chief,
Living in a caste alone and the lower class causes my grief,
Relative seperation, ego bequeath.

I'm young and naive, and I don't know how to fix it,
But I think if we all change our thoughts we can eclipse it,
It's a lofty goal to think it'll be fixed quick,
I'm only one person, but one wave and the ship tips.

Hoping I wake up some sense of connection,
Making a cry for some form of correction,
High-tech military and still no protection,
Society virus, epidemic infection.

Wading in blood, bend down, suck it up,
Bleeding by choice decisive, not luck,
We saw the rain dance, and now our hands are cupped,
The prophets of god live alongside the nuts.

Gods, are you out there? Gods, can you hear me?
Gods, I'm talking to you, please, please wake up!
Gods, please, this is your call to remember,
The age of the living gods has returned!

Our hands are all empty but we're praying for more fingers,
If we don't remove the root fragrance the aroma still lingers.
We've got to claim ownership, not say "this thing's his" or "this thing's hers",
And maybe we'll make it.
Track Name: LightWing
Why you trying to make me live it rough like diamonds?

Why you trying to make me live it rough like diamonds?
Try to get my soul I'll lock you up until the crime ends,
Saw the way you walk it's kind of off, lop-sided,
Trying to infiltrate it but I'm not buying,
Image subpar, image not vital,
Begging me to bless your life as if it is an idol,
So far up, soaking up radiation
Mind so bent like a got a new mutation.

Saw you in that rat race, boy that gold gleamin,
So I'm gonna metaphysically intervene and,
Told the gods I'm gonna light a candle and I mean it,
Future light coming up fast, I seen it,
Roll out new style of communication,
Beep that International Space Station,
Weaponize space to defend the land a
Quick pick of PTB propoganda.

Take my Thinker, mix it with my Feeler,
Melt em all together like I am a congealer,
Heard the cries of Gaia, and I'm gonna heal her,
Serving Logos, now I guess I am a kneeler,
Conscious excelleration, floor it,
Galactic brotherhood in orbit,
1. Not against it 2. Not for it
3. Trust me, better not ignore it.

Dichotomy, old dichotomy die,
Double plannet red-hot, and I do not want to fry,
Coded DNA fence say "godbye"
Hauling ass out of here on my LightWing fly.

Regular human but not like's thought of,
If you go by the way we're brought up,
Make a deal to interact if you cough up,
Generational disease that got stuck,
Heal it if you want, choose, split is coming,
Cause a light-filled planet has been summoned,
Hitch a ride on the new Earth vibration,
Mother Gaia feed like a light lactation.

Got an idea that I'm not who I think, I
Go to other planets when I lay down and I blink I
Got to block it out cause I know the pain'll shrink I'm
Gonna start tearing up like I got the pink eye,
Every now and then get a peek, I see it,
Fight a demon big and then I end up trying to flee it,
But he ever get me cause I wake up from the dream and,
Yes I know that waking life is no less real than dream land.

Gear up, suit up, I do not mean physical,
If you want to get it then you better not get Biblical,
Merge a tarot deck with a textbook, mystical,
If you want to be it then you better not be typical,
Roll out, go at 'em with a stellar cannon,
Get a fire burning and you better keep fanning,
Keep fanning till the world up in flames and,
Go until the As Above, So Below game end.

Dichotomy, old dichotomy die,
Double plannet red-hot, and I do not want to fry,
Coded DNA fence say "godbye"
Hauling ass out of here on my LightWing fly.
Track Name: Gold Tights, Transvestite
By intent I manifest I
Am inspired by transvestites,
Walking down the street in gold tights,

By intent I change myself I
Hear God's voice like those at Delphi,
Says there in no Hell when I die,

By intent I determine I
Like to wear makeup on my eyes,
Does that make me a lesser guy?
Track Name: Tragedy Whore
My attention is a commodity, you may not buy, sell, or lend me,
I demand you see the value of those willing to defend me,
There's a new school on violence, I call myself attendee,
Cause I'm tired of the media saying tragedy is trendy.

But the anchors are not responsible for the ships that they hold stable,
We're never forced to eat the food that overflows our table,
We're never forced to listen when they spin controlling fables,
And when they offer soul tattoos, refuse to wear the label.

The TV is a jack-in-the-box, the remote: a malfunctioning handle,
We immerse ourselves again and again, we're the wick of the media's candle,
They'll burn us up and wind us tight, like wire round a mandrel,
But we can avoid this is we are honest and refuse to get high off scandal.

*Listen to the gossip of fame and war,
You say that you loathe it, you say you deplore,
But I have an inkling though I cannot be sure,
But I think that you like it, tragedy whore.

You say you despise it, but you keep coming back for it,
You could call some news gossip, since that would be more accurate,
You dress up your prattle as hard news immaculate,
And you prefer the facade instead of unmasking it.

Is someone really smarter if someone reads the news?
Can someone solve a murder if they haven't found the clues?
Did they let you in the clubhouse even when you paid the dues?
Did you take them at face value when they told you who was who?

If you don't check your source then the story is not ready,
If your ladder isn't firmly set, then your climb will not be steady,
So let's be honest, when you hear bad news, you'd rather throw confetti,
Vicarious fame is what you're after, even if it's petty.

*Listen to the gossip of fame and war,
You say that you loathe it, you say you deplore,
But I have an inkling though I cannot be sure,
But I think that you like it, tragedy whore.